Cross border payments app.

Be part of the disruption of how companies and individuals process financial transactions on a global scale; resolving inefficiencies and provide a faster, cheaper and more secure alternative to the current financial systems.

Customer loyalty communication protocol

Customer loyalty programs are important to retain customers for business but often are not realizing its full potential for the business due to low user engagement and retention, complicated redemption options, time delays and high costs. Any organization (from banks to airlines) that have a rewards program can benefit from gained efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced brand loyalty using automation in blockchain technology has to offer.

Compliance and business flows automation

Using blockchain and self-executing contracts (smart contracts) will eliminate the need for intermediaries who typically help to review and execute the contracts when all requirements are filled. See our use case in employment and HR to comply with employment agreements, immigration, termination and also with privacy laws such as GDPR.